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  My goals are to breed loving, healthy, long living companions. I raise PET QUALITY Rats. I am at this time working on test breeding of a marked breed. I do breed Dumbos, rex , Siamese and Hairless rats. I will be bringing in in the Spring a new line of a few rarer breeds of rats not Available in most areas. I mix my own food to insure a variety of different kinds of choices and nutrition. It use only paper products for bedding and my cages are changed every other day. I am very serious on my breeding. And it is true some of my rats are from pet shops but this does not make them any less desireable as pets and companions. I keep records of my breeding to start a line breeding program. I do not over breed I have several litters a year. Please feel free to ask any questions. I also breed Texel satin mice in a variety of colors. I just started breeding again after a long illness so I am starting over and building my line of rats. de

Call (352)288-3976 or e-mail at

Aimee's Rats Nest is currently working on Russian Blues, Russian Blue point Siamese and Flame point Siamese!!!



My Rat Photo Book at





It has some of my favorite Rat pictures I have done, Makes a great coffee table book or gift for a fellow rat lover!!!

check out my Rat Photography book.

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